NASA’S Space Technology Shined At The Oscars

| March 5 , 2018 , 19:31 IST

The gold-plated Oscar trophies featured at Academy Awards on Sunday had a special space connection. The coveted Oscar trophy was coated with the same gold that helps telescopes glimpse distant galaxies to ensure that the hard-earned prize never loses its shine.  

"Our telescopes and the Oscars trophies are both plated with the same gold!" NASA said in a tweet on Sunday. 

The US space agency claimed that the company that takes credit for the shine in the coveted Oscar trophy is using a gold coating technology that NASA has helped it improve.

Oscars have been awarded for nearly a century and for more than three decades, a trophy manufacturer was casting the Oscars in a tin alloy and then plated them with gold. Some winners complained about the trophies losing their shine with time.

In 2016, Epner Technology began gold-plating the statuettes, using an improved technology, which earned him a new client, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Epner uses an electroplating process called LaserGold, which results in a harder and reflective coating than a vapour-deposit gold coating.

"We guaranteed that our gold coating will never come off," David Epner claims. He has offered a lifetime guarantee to replate, for free, any Oscar that starts to show wear.