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YouTube Hack Hits Popular Music Videos, Deleted Despacito Video With Over 5 Billion Views

| April 10 , 2018 , 16:45 IST

In what appears to be the latest case of hacking, Youtube channels of several musical artists have been compromised.

While the hackers who call themselves 'Prosox and Kuroi'sh' have changed the descriptions and the titles of several videos to add their names, Luis Fonsi's record-breaking video song "Despacito" which has over 5 billion views have been deleted. Hackers have also written "Free Palestine" beneath the videos.

Videos of dozens of other artists including Shakira, Selena Gomez, Drake and Taylor Swift are apparently also affected.

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Initially, the hackers had added an imagery frame to the Despacito video. They later deleted the video. The official link to Despacito reads, "Video removed by user." 

The Spanish-language hit "Despacito" was released in January 2017 and went on to break several records in music streaming, including one for the single with the most weeks at No.1 in the US, with 16 consecutive weeks.

BBC reported that a Twitter account appearing to belong to one of the hackers posted, "It's just for fun, I just use [the script] 'youtube-change-title-video' and I write 'hacked'.

The timeline of the twitter account shows that the hacker also successfully breached NASA's website just a few days back.