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iOS 11 Releases Today! Here's What To Expect From The Update

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| September 19 , 2017 , 20:45 IST

Users of iPhones are often seen eagerly waiting for the new software update for their phones and every time Apple launches an update, their excitement levels are sky-high. Not in a mood to disappoint their loyal customers just after the successful release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple is launching iOS 11 on Tuesday.

The new update will host many new features much to the delight of users but there are chances of some older applications may stop functioning for the 32-bit variant. The tech giant is majorly focusing on the 64-bit processors and hence cutting off support for the older versions.

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None of the bigger applications including Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat are likely to be disabled post update as they are available in the 64-bit version for a long time now. The smaller or the less popular apps which have not been updated by the developer yet are more likely to stop working.

The new update has many more surprises in its kitty for the users. The most amazing of all the changes is that the users will now be able to customise the Control Centre. The earlier unchangeable widget-filled settings screen has now been redesigned to fit into the screen once and also to customise the apps as per user's convenience.

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Every update offers some new and interesting wallpapers and this update will also support some beautiful wallpapers along with some impressive emojis. Unlike the earlier versions, the update will also allow the users an access to the files that are there on the system.

Siri can now translate phrases in various languages. From Chinese, French, German, Italian to Spanish, many languages will come under the radar of this digital assistant. A new adblocking feature has also been added in the update. It would be safe to say that the iPhone users are excited for the update and explore more of its features.