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TRAI: iPhones May Not Work On Indian Telecom Network

| July 20 , 2018 , 19:17 IST

Apple iPhones may not work on Indian telecom networks, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is considering of taking a strong action against Apple if it fails to implement a pesky call app on its phones within six months.

India's telecom regulator, on Thursday, mandated that all telecom operators facilitate its subscribers to report pesky phone calls & messages and also ensure that smartphones enabled on its network allow such facility to the consumers.  

TRAI's new move is obviously going to affect a large number of users in India, as their phones will be rendered all but useless without network connectivity.

Apple has no other option left instead will be forced to offer some solution to TRAI requirement after the Google already agreed to carry on TRAI’s Do-Not-Disturb app on its Android platform.

It is learnt that Apple has been known to value the privacy of its users and has often, in the recent past, failed to comply with governmental orders even within the USA.

Basically, TRAI's order describes that all Telecom Operators within India to ensure that smartphones registered on its network provide facilities to run TRAI's DND app or any other app approved by the regulator. Also, the mandate states that those smartphone companies that fail to comply will face something known as de-recognition or will simply stop working on the network.

The move by TRAI comes as a means to combat the issue of spam calls and messages in India. The new app will allow users to easily report spam calls and messages, improving the database of spam numbers that can then be acted upon for blocking or disconnection.