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The 2018 Faceoff: Amazon Prime Day Sale vs. Flipkart Big Shopping Days

| July 31 , 2018 , 23:10 IST

The month of June witnessed some of the biggest offers on the best brands from all over the world during the Amazon Prime day sale and the Flipkart big shopping days. Both these sales were held simultaneously with Prime day held for 36 hours from 16-17 July and big shopping days from 16-19 July lasting 80 hours. These sales witnessed a great success, being held by two of the biggest e-commerce giants today.

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On one hand, Flipkart is said to have generated four times its daily revenue and sell 2.5 times the daily units it sells on an average basis, on the other hand, Amazon offered 200 exclusive new launches along with many more offers. A recent report in June 2018 which expected Indian e-commerce sales to increase by 31% and hence reach $32.7 billion was put to test lately, following these two most awaited sales of the year.

The Amazon sale was something new for Indians. Prime day sale is a global flagship event and was launched first time in India. During this sale, Amazon India offered around 200 new product launches hundreds of irresistible deals and video and music selections exclusively available for prime members. The sale Prime Music and Prime Video was extended for one week.

In addition to this, prime members streamed music in 18 different Indian as well as international languages on Prime Music in the week leading up to Prime Day. This particular week was Prime Video’s best ever one, with the highest number of streamers in India ever, as claimed by the company.

Ever since the announcement of Walmart acquiring 77% stake in the company in May 2018, Flipkart’s big shopping Days sale was its second event. This sale has witnessed a huge leap in sales and has proved to have increased the profits of thousands of sellers manifold. Not only this, even the customers were benefitted from the same. In fact, Flipkart claimed that the sale had enable around 300 sellers to become millionaires.

Flipkart’s 80 hour long big shopping days sale generated as many sales as 15 non-sale days and sold as many units as equivalent to a 10 non-sale days. Unlike regular days, during the sale the traffic on Flipkart increased by 150%.

As per recent statistics, Amazon had 40% mindshare during its sale days while Flipkart had 60%. Big shopping days sale witnessed 39% of its customers opting for electronics followed by fashion, while as for Prime day sale, 35% of the customers bought items of fashion and then mobiles. 60% of the buyers in Flipkart spent more than INR 5000 while for Amazon customers, the percentage is 70.

Senior vice-president and country head of Amazon India, Amit Agarwal said that extending this year’s Prime Day to 36 hours allowed them to further reward their members with unbeatable and exciting deals, access to new products exclusively for Prime members and a beautiful experience of Prime membership.

On the other hand, according to Smrithi Ravichandran (Senior Director, Flipkart), the success of the sale during the Big Shopping Days is a testimony to their customer’s faith in them, making them as the destination where India shops.Coming to fashion products, both Amazon Prime Day sale and Flipkart Big Shopping Days saw 2X sales growth.

Also, Amazon witnessed 35% new customers from tier 2 and 3, while Flipkart’s share of the same was 60%. Prime day sale saw 3X overall sales growth in everyday essentials, while Flipkart witnessed 2X spike in units sold.

In a nutshell, both Amazon prime day sale and Flipkart big shopping day sale was a big hit! Products were sold like hotcakes and hundreds of new customers were attracted, and benefitted too.