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Snapchat Brings Back Chronological Feed, Will Show You Recent Stories First

| April 9 , 2018 , 13:24 IST

When Snapchat brought its non-chronological feeds, the social media giant was condemned by a majority of users, many even stopped using the social media platform. It now appears that Snapchat is listening to its users’ grievances and is rolling back the redesign (at least for some users) and instead of showing stories in algorithmically sorted feeds, it will feature back the chronological order once again.

"The new update is letting users see stories in reverse chronological order in both of the new the designs; the one where there are just stories and tabs, as well as the other where there are separate stories and chat tabs", TechCrunch reported on Sunday.

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This has replaced the new feature i.e the algorithmically sorted feeds, which makes stories come up, from people you’re more likely to chat with or watch.

However, the classic chronological order is great for everyone. This order helps newcomers connect with favourites and may help if you only interact with a handful of people. It enables the user to catch Stories the moment they’re relevant, rather than hours later.

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Snapchat had seen the daily active user growth sag from 17 percent to under 3 percent per quarter after the launch of Facebook's Snapchat clone "Instagram stories".

Snapchat had claimed to notice a growth improvement after the rollout of the modified version in Q4 2017.