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Skype Improves Its Security Game, To Introduce End-To-End Encryption For Private Conversations

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| January 15 , 2018 , 18:28 IST

In the era of competition, every technical medium is looking for ways to take over their rivals while providing better facilities to their users. As the craze for using social media is increasing among the masses, the chances of unwilling information distribution are also going up.

While platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage have already adapted the end-to-end encryption for safeguarding the privacy of its users, the video chats major Skype is making amends in its application to make it fully encrypted through Microsoft’s partnership with Signal.

The instant messaging app is looking forward to introducing a new feature called Private Conversations which is currently being beta-tested. The update will allow the end-to-end encryption for individuals conversations but will remain unavailable for group chats.

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In order to utilise the feature, the user will be needed to invite their contact members for a Private Conversation via the menu option for chatting with them. Notably,  neither the audio and video calls nor the older conversations are covered under the end-to-end encryption.

The development will allow only the sender and receiver to access the files and messages exchanged between the two. Many people who keep wondering if their Skype conversation is read by Google administrators will now be able to sigh in relief.

With the technology users becoming more careful, the change is accepted with open arms. While Microsoft refrained from specifying the time of update release, the users are assured that the feature will be available for both Android and iOS clients soon.