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Once In A Blue Moon, Here Comes The Super Blue Blood Moon

| January 31 , 2018 , 19:39 IST

People from across the world are gazing into the sky since early Wednesday morning to catch a glimpse of the rare Super Blue Blood Moon.

Earth is witnessing a celestial trifecta on Jan 31st: a supermoon (meaning it’s relatively close to Earth), a blood moon (orange or red), and a blue moon (the second full moon in one calendar month). The trifecta passing under the shadow of Earth makes a total lunar eclipse.

According to eclipse experts, Earth came directly between the Sun and Moon, making the lunar surface appear red. 'Super Blue Blood Moon' occured after 35 years and was a sight to behold.

NASA provided a live stream of the Super Blue Blood Moon, to help people witness the spectacular event unfold.