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No More Trending Topics On Facebook, Video News Sharing Section In Talks

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| June 4 , 2018 , 18:41 IST

Following the entire fake news promotion fiasco, Facebook is leaving no stone unturned for re-establishing the users' trust by bringing certain changes to the platform. In another attempt, the social media giant has decided to remove its Trending news topic section starting Monday.

The trends section was launched in 2014 and used to display popular topics users are discussing the site on the right-hand side of the desktop. The feature along with the third-party services that use the Facebook Trends API has officially been shuttered by Facebook.

Earlier the feature was run by journalists but was taken over by an automated system in 2016, following which a number of conspiracy theories and reports of false information started surfacing. With people losing trust in Facebook trends, the feature was being underused.

The company has revealed that the Trending topics section accounts for fewer than 1.5 percent of clicks to news publishers on average. "We’ve seen that the way people consume news on Facebook is changing to be primarily on mobile and increasingly through news video," read Facebook's news blog.

"So we're exploring new ways to help people stay informed about timely, breaking news that matters to them, while making sure the news they see on Facebook is from trustworthy and quality sources," added Facebook’s head of News products, Alex Hardiman.

Facebook is reportedly testing a "Today In" section that would pull the latest breaking news from local publishers, officials and organizations. A dedicated section for watching news video coverage including daily news briefings and weekly deep dives has also been referenced by the platform.