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iPhone X: Will We Get It As A Return Gift On Apple's 10th Anniversary?

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| September 11 , 2017 , 18:16 IST

With the 10th year of Apple's most successful series, iphone, speculations are that the tech giant is going to launch three high-end smartphones this year named iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

While iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are in line with the continuous series, iPhone X is expected to be the company's special release this year in celebration of the series completing its 10 years in market.

In anticipation of the announcement, there have been a lot of leaks about the upcoming iPhone.

According to some reports, the iPhone X will be entirely bezel-free except for a small strip in front of the camera while other reports also suggest that the new phone will have a 5.8 inch screen.

In fact, the entire notion behind bezel-less screen is to allot a bigger screen to a phone without adding extra weight.

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The tech giant is also expected to switch to OLED display which are more battery effective and provide better black levels. The circular button on the bottom of the phone, which was also turned into a fingerprint scanner after the iPhone 5 S, is also expected to be removed with an Android like home button on the screen.

Given this news, there are uncertainties whether the fingerprint scanner will be there in the upcoming phone. Instead, Apple is reportedly going to use facial recognition sensor in the decade anniversary special launch.

According to some other reports, the iPhone X will have a dual camera with slightly different orientation than the last one which will allow it to capture 3D pictures. While it is reported to be a single front camera, it will still support 3D sensing for augmented reality applications.

There have not been any news about the processor so far, however, the company is expected to launch all the phones on the same platform. The induction of the much-talked improved Siri is also expected to hit the market with the iPhone X.