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Google Turns 19! Surprises Users With 19 Doodle Games

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| September 27 , 2017 , 13:11 IST

World's most used search engine, Google has completed 19 successful years of existence. The tech giant has a surprise in store for its users to celebrate its birthday. Google knows how to make a user's experience memorable with the interesting doodles that the engine often uses.

In order to mark the 19th anniversary, the company has integrated a rather interesting spinning wheel in the doodle which lets the user explore 19 games or doodles which were most liked in the past years. After spinning the wheel, you can either the play the chosen game or spin it again.

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The Google doodles used for the spinner are more fun to play with as after selecting the option, the game opens in full-screen mode. Though, getting your desirable game is quite unlikely given there are nineteen games in a spinner and any of those games can be selected.

Many interesting games are a part of this spinning doogle including a recreated version of the classic 'Pac Man', the addictive 'Birthday piñata', the educational track mixing doodle 'DJing', which was highly popularised at the time of its release and a little boring yet beautifully crafted game 'Arpeggios'.

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The most simple yet grasping surprise in the wheel was 'Snake game', which many of us have played in the old feature phones and still crave to get our hands at. Other can those, an adorable 'Halloween game' is also the part of this doodle collection.

Google was created by two geniuses, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who met in 1997 and had a common goal of organising world's information in a system which is accessible by all. In today's time, the platform is used by over 4.5billion users in 160 countries.