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Google Develops AR Powered Microscope For Real Time Cancer Detection

| April 17 , 2018 , 16:03 IST

A team of Google researchers presented a prototype Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM), that can help in real-time detection of cancerous cellsat the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Chicago, Illinois on Monday. 

The microscope is an ordinary light microscope, the one used by pathologists worldwide. Google just tweaked it a little in order to introduce AI technology and augmented reality.

"In principle, the ARM can provide a wide variety of visual feedback, including text, arrows, contours, heatmaps or animations, and is capable of running many types of machine learning algorithms aimed at solving different problems such as object detection, quantification or classification," Martin Stumpe, Technical Lead and Craig Mermel, Product Manager, Google Brain Team, wrote in a blog post. 

The ARM is currently capable of identifying breast and prostate cancer, although Google says it will be able to find any other type of cancer once its model is trained for it. 

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"We believe that the ARM has the potential for a large impact on global health, particularly for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, including tuberculosis and malaria, in the developing countries," Google said.