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Google Bulletin Will Provide Hyperlocal News Medium To Reach The Masses

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| January 27 , 2018 , 18:56 IST

Most news applications might provide the readers with information about the major events happening in the country and the world but they often miss out upon the local ones. Google's new app called Bulletin will serve the exact purpose.

The tech giant is testing a new application which will allow anyone and everyone to contribute and publish crowdsourced, hyperlocal news from their local community. The bulletin will let the users post photos, video, and messages directly to the web from their phones.

The application doesn't require an existing blog or website for uploading the story. The local information can pertain to the news of local interest, for instance, bookstore readings, high school sporting events, or information about street closures.

Bulletin stories can be found through Google search, shared on social networks, or sent in emails and messaging apps. "If you are comfortable taking photos or sending messages, you can create a Bulletin story!,"  the website confirms.

While the concept of this light weighted application, as claimed by Google, is appealing, it will face high competition from the established short-form news mediums including the social networks Twitter and Facebook. Although, the power of Google search can't be underestimated.

The application, aimed at promoting familiarity in the local community, is currently in testing mode but a pilot program has been rolled out in Nashville, Tennessee, Oakland and California. The local users are already using and enjoying the privilege that comes along with the app.