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Facebook's Clean-Up Mission: Issues New Guidelines Against Hate Speeches, Violence & More

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| April 24 , 2018 , 19:28 IST

The social media giant Facebook has been trying hard to clean up their act after facing various controversies. In order to garner users trust, the platform, for the first time ever, has issued the set of rules followed by its moderators while dealing with the content posted on the website.

With the basic motive of re-establishing people trust and gather inputs from the users regarding the platform's content moderation guidelines, Facebook made the code of conduct used to remove the content promoting violence, spam, harassment, self-harm, terrorism, intellectual property theft and hate speech public.

By issuing the 27-page rules, Facebook is attempting to provide users with a better understanding of why the content is taken down from the platform so that there is less confusion, anger or frustration when people disagree with whatever decision the company makes.

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The guidelines have been developed in conjunction with a “couple hundred” of experts and advocacy groups representing the entire world. Translated into over 40 languages, the rules apply to all the nations and services, including Instagram the platform operates in.

Facebook is also rolling out a feature which will allow the users to request the removal of their posts or pictures from the platform. Monika Bickert, Facebook's head of global policy management told reporters, "The vast majority of people who come to Facebook come for very good reasons."

She added, "But we know there will always be people who will try to post abusive content or engage in abusive behaviour. This is our way of saying these things are not tolerated. Report them to us, and we’ll remove them." The community reportedly might not prohibit false information but tries to reduce its distribution.