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Ethanol To Cure Cancer, Researchers At Duke University Develop Solution

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| September 14 , 2017 , 21:41 IST

A new research has found that an ethanol-based gel can cure cancer with 100 percent certainty when injected directly into squamous cell tumors.

According to the researchers at Duke University, they have achieved a 100 percent cure rate for squamous cell carcinoma merely injecting an ethanol-based gel directly into the tumors.

Scientists have known the effects of ethanol on cancer for some time now, but some limitations have kept the medicine industry from using it as a basic treatment.

However, the work of these researchers has outwitted everyone else. The ethanol-based gel, developed by the university researchers is a form of cancer therapy. While the gel base is being used to treat some types of liver and thyroid cancers, it is still limited due to the damage it could cause to its nearby tissue.

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This limits the gel's effectiveness on tumors surrounded by a fibrous capsule, which is capable of containing ethanol.

The researchers are also trying to overcome that limitation of the treatment by blending it with ethyl cellulose which can create a get to contain the solution within the tumor or injection site.

Ethanol is a kind of alcohol used in making cocktails. Which means it is also cheap enough to drastically change the dynamic of cancer treatment. According to some reports, this treatment costs up to a mere five dollars per session and has an almost a perfect success rate.

Cancer treatment is expensive around the globe, however, in developing and underdeveloped countries, it's entirely unavailable. In these areas, the advanced technology required to treat cancer is in very short supply.

In these conditions, this low cost and easily administered cancer treatment could have a significant impact on the healthcare in these countries.