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Want To Live On The Moon? By 2050 At Least 1,000 Might Beat You There!

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| September 27 , 2017 , 17:58 IST

Ever since the first step of mankind on the Moon, no doubt it has been a common dream for people around the world to visit the moon, and maybe even live there. A few more decades and the dream might actually become a reality.

As Elon Musk and other space pioneers are making efforts to make space travel affordable commercially, others are making plans on how to make the moon habitable for mankind.

According to expert Bernard Foing, the ambassador of European Space Agency-driven "Moon Village" scheme, the goal of mankind establishing a long-term settlement on the moon is not only plausible but also practical.

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By the year 2040, almost a 100 people would be living on the moon, Foing predicted, with 3D-printed homes and tools, ice melted for water and food grown in lunar soil.

Mapping out the evolution of human expansion on the Moon at a European Planetary Science Congress  Foing compared the expansion to the growth of railways, how villages grew around train stations and next came business.

Giving a timeline, Foing said that by 2030, there could be an initial lunar settlement of 6 to 10 pioneers which would include scientists, technicians and engineers. The 6-10 would then grow to 100 by 2040 he predicted.

"In 2050, you could have a thousand and then... naturally you could envisage to have family," he said, adding that mere decades from now, "there may be the possibility to have children born on the Moon."

As the International Space Station is due to be decommissioned in 2024, setting up a Lunar colony has become the next goal for space experts. While scientists and commercial prospectors are interested in setting up a Lunar colony, politicians are yet to express interest, which may hamper the setting up of such a Lunar colony.  

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As per scientists, a rare isotope helium-3 which is rare on Earth but is found commonly on the moon, could theoretically be used to generate clean and safe nuclear energy, while water in the form of ice can be melted to use. The water molecules separated in the form of hydrogen and oxygen can be used as rocket fuel.

"To go into Earth orbit... it is 40 times cheaper to go from the Moon than from Earth, because the Earth has such high gravity that you have to fight against it," explained Foing.

However, while humankind living on the moon may become technically possible, the question if people can psychologically survive for extended periods of time without any contact with nature or earth's environment is still debatable.