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After Facebook Data Leaks, WhatsApp Assures Users 'Very Little Data' Is Collected

| April 9 , 2018 , 12:42 IST

The reports of data leaks of 87 million users of social media network giant Facebook came as a shock to users, and also raised questions on how secure the social media and communication apps we use on a daily basis are.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger, which has around 200 million active users in India and is the go-to chatting App, on Monday refuted reports that it was keeping track of messages, and said that it collects very little data from users and that every message is end-to-end encrypted.

“The privacy and security of our users is incredibly important to WhatsApp," a WhatsApp spokesperson said to PTI.

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“WhatsApp collects very little data and every message is end-to-end encrypted. Contrary to recent comments in the media, we are not keeping track of the friends and family you have messaged,” he added.

"Invite links are an optional feature available to group administrators to be used only with trusted individuals”, the spokesperson said.

The popular messaging platform, with 1 billion users globally, was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

However, WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption across the app only in April 2016, while it changed its privacy policy in August 2016, announcing that it would be sharing data with its parent company, Facebook.

Facebook landed into a considerable amount of controversy when the reports of data leaks came to light and it was revealed that political analytical firm Cambridge Analytica had used the data to influence the US Presidential elections to help Donald Trump win the presidency.