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5 Features That Makes IOS 11 The Best IOS Till Date

| September 20 , 2017 , 14:39 IST

We updated the iPhone 7 Plus at 10:30 pm when it launched on Tuesday, and after using it for about 12 hours now, we can say that’s it’s a very big update done by Apple both in terms of new features and also it is visually refreshing.

These are the best features of IOS 11 according to us:

1.New Control Center – Let's be real, the old Control center on the IOS 10 was a tad-bit finicky, so IOS 11 is a pretty welcome change with all the new improvements made by Apple. The new Control Centre on the IOS 11 is no longer at three separate like the IOS 10 it is now only one pane that increases reachability of apps.

One of our favorite thing about the new IOS 11 is that it now allows 3D touch to activate each of the individual controls that was not possible before, for instance, you can now toggle cellular data which is extremely useful. The Control Center also has a music control which enables us to look at the actual album that are being played it also allows us to play, pause, rewind, forward and  track our Music as well.

The new Control Center is also very Visually appealing with nice little animations it does when you click on any Control. Another great feature that Apple included in the new Control Center is the Screen Recording button that allows us to record anything that is on our iPhones screen.

We can now also customize the Control Center by dragging and dropping items inside and outside of the Control Center.

2.All New Siri- Yes you heard it right Siri is new and improved now in the IOS 11, she now has a brand new voice. Now Siri sounds more human and less computerized that we found really interesting, its literally like talking to a live person.

Siri now finally supports translations, which can be super convenient while Travelling. The function is still the same though, you still have to long press the home button to enable Siri.

3.All New Logos- Apple completely changed the original Logos and we are loving it. The biggest change is the obvious redesign of App store, Itunes store and Maps too which make it visually appealing to use than it was before in the IOS 10. Starting off with new App store, Applications are now easy to locate and the new app suggestion box gives us more options when we type any word or even a single letter.

4.The new Itunes Store- The Itunes store gets a new logo and a new interface , but we still prefer the old iTunes store logo as the new logo looks more like a fake clumsy star, and the interface has not changed much.

5.The Maps- Now this is probably the best thing Apple has done so far, as they now allow us to use Maps indoor which enables us to  See detailed maps of hundreds of major airports and shopping centers around the world.

 So, to sum it all up the IOS is quick, simpler and moreover a visual treat for all Apple lovers.