In A Double Dose Of Beauty, Vogue India Brings Models Radhika Nair & Saffron Vadher To The Cover

| September 4 , 2018 , 13:00 IST

Indians are known for their intelligence and wherever they go, they bring fame for the nation. Modelling, which was earlier considered to be a domain only for tall, Caucasian women, is also know opening up for more varied looking beauties, including Indians. The famous Vogue magazine for their September 2018 India edition brought to the cover 2 young models who are establishing their name in the world of international modelling: 19-year-old Radhika Nair and 21-year-old  Saffron Vadher.

In conversation with Vogue, Radhika described her entry into the field of modelling and said, "I started modelling at the age of 19 because my dad said he wouldn’t pay me any more pocket money. But I’m South Indian, and my parents had different expectations from me, so I went on to study economics and got a job in finance. Later, I was scouted in Bengaluru and moved to Mumbai to pursue full-time modelling. I had been around for three years, when Henry, with the help of Nikhil D, came to India to scout for Balenciaga. Two to three months after the casting, I was flown to Paris. They called me in, gave me a haircut and the rest of it is a whirlwind."

Saffron Vadher described her entry into modelling to Vogue and said, "I actually wanted to be an actor, or a dancer, and I thought I was going down that route until I realised I wasn’t very passionate about it. I met people who considered acting their end goal and life plan and I wasn’t like that. Through college, in my spare time I was working events like Wimbledon, where I would pour drinks and check in coats. Two years ago, an acquaintance’s husband, who was in the industry, signed me. My first big job was the Burberry exclusive, and straight after that I went to Paris, where I opened the Alexander McQueen show. It’s all been so surreal."

View pictures of the combined shoot:

Check out pictures of Radhika Nair


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Check out pictures of Saffron Vadher


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