Glitz And Gowns Of Oscars 2018: Big Wigs Of Filmmaking Walk The Red Carpet With Grace

| March 5 , 2018 , 12:31 IST

The much-awaited 90th Academy Award show was held on Sunday and the A-list actors and filmmakers reached to mark their presence at the prestigious event. Big Wigs of Hollywood and influential nominees clad in glittery outfits brought their A-games to the red carpet.

With the deserving nominees taking the golden lady home, Oscar became another platform for the otherwise busy entertainers to flaunt their classy wardrobe. The other Award functions had taken up the issue of Me Too movement and Time's Up initiative strongly, Academy though kept it light.

Having no restriction on a particular theme, celebrities brought an array of colours to the red carpet. Dressed in glittery gowns, the queen bees posed for shutterbug proudly whereas the men were not far behind in their tuxedos. Check out some not to miss the action from the red carpet of Oscars 2018 here.