Stylish Or Scary? Delhi Man Becomes First Indian To Get Eyeballs Tattooed [View Pics]

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| October 8 , 2017 , 14:41 IST

Tattoos are considered to be an ancient art that is regaining popularity, but modern society has coined the term 'body modification' taking changes made to the body for aesthetic reasons one step further.

One of the most extreme forms of body modification by means of tattoos is the 'scleral tattoo' which uses the white part of the eye (sclera) as a canvas, upon which ink is injected to permanently dye the eyeball to another colour.

A Delhi-based full-time professional tattoo artist and piercer, 28-year-old Karan has claimed that he is the very first Indian to get his eyeballs tattooed, a claim that is likely true considering only a hundred or so people around the world have undergone the extreme body modification.

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A tattoo aficionado, Karan said that he was 13 when he got his first tattoo and started tattooing when he was 16 as a hobby, later on opening up his own tattoo studio in Delhi.

"At the moment, I have uncountable tattoos and 22 piercings on me," Karan said to NDTV, adding that his goal is to have a full body suit of tattoos.

Wondering what he would look like with eyeball tattoos, Karan spent months debating over whether to go for the permanent procedure and finally decided to go ahead with the procedure which cost lakhs. He had the eyeball tattoos done at a tattoo studio in New York by an Australian tattoo artist, who Karan says 'invented' eyeball tattooing.  

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"Out of the 7.5 billion world population, only a few hundred have it. Out of the 1.3 billion Indian population - I am the first person to have my eyeballs permanently tattooed," said Karan.

Admitting that the procedure felt "like a red-hot needle entering your eyeball" Karan said that "Pain and hurt are perspectives."

So far Karan has received plenty of compliments on his latest artwork, from officials at the US airport to social media comments in India.

View Karan's pics below:

Eyeball tattoos are considered highly dangerous unless tattooed by experts, and even then the long-term effects of eyeball tattoos are unknown. Earlier this year a Canadian model was rendered partially blind as a result of a botched eyeball tattooing attempt.