If Renuka is Surpnakha then who are Rama, Laxman and Ravana of New India?

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| February 8 , 2018 , 20:42 IST

The nation is witnessing new low of political discourse. Instead of focusing on real issues, our elected representatives are busy in nonsensical debates.

Political rivalry is on top of the agenda; our leaders are enjoying personal and often below the belt attacks on political opponents.


Congress on Thursday demanded an apology from PM for his remarks over Renuka chowdhury in Rajya Sabha. Renuka said that she would bring an Impeachment motion against PM in Parliament. Every loyal ‘congressi’ is pointing fingers towards Narendra Modi, but it is important to understand why it is happening.

On 7th February 2018 when PM Modi was delivering his vote of thanks, speech, Renuka Chowdhary grabbed the national attention with her loud burst of laughter interrupting PM’s speech.


Here I would want to state that what Renuka Chowdhury did was also unparliamentary. Her loud laughter during the speech of Prime Minister reflects unruliness of Opposition. PM did not mention surpnakha (Sister of Ravana- Mythological character) in parliament while replying to Renuka on 7th February 2018.

He only Said, सभापति जी आप रेणुका जी को कुछ मत कहिए, Ramayan serial ke baad aisi hassi sunne ka aaj saubhagya mila hai...


PM Modi sarcastically reply gave courage to leaders like Kiren Rijiju, who on 8th February shared a video on his facebook wall originally posted by a fan page “Narendra Modi –true Indian”.


This video has guffaw of Surpnakha as shown in Popular TV serial Ramayana. Later when opposition noticed and condemned him, and when the target was achieved, he removed the same post from his facebook page.


It is really disgusting to see why we are discussing Surpnakha when the real concern should be the fact that the PM is not responding to questions on Rafale deal when ruling party is busy in justifying that selling pakoda is better than unemployment.


Whatever is happening in parliament is a total waste of time; leaders are breaking the culture of parliament and healthy debate ethics. 

Surpnakha the mythological character of Valmiki’s Ramayan is the new center of attraction, the contemporary evil.

In Ramayana, Laxman cuts Surpnakha’s nose as she tried to harm and kill Sita because of her desire and fondness for Lord Rama.

It was Surpnakha and this event that ignited the war between Good and Evil. Ravana abducted Sita to avenge his sister’s humiliation and to show Rama and Laxman how powerful he was.


Why are our leaders showing same vindictiveness today? If Renuka Chowdhary is Surpnakha then who is Rama, Laxman, and Ravana of New India?


I do not want to waste my time to find out these characters in Parliament and would humbly request our leaders and elected representatives to raise the level of discourse and be concerned about issues that affect people directly.


I am sure modern Surpnakha is not Renuka Chowdhury, it’s our desire and vindictive approach to defame others.