As The Great Political Drama Unfolds In Parliament, India Loses Hope

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| July 20 , 2018 , 22:41 IST

On Friday entire India was curiously watching loksabha proceedings as the No Confidence Motion against Narendra Modi Government, went underway. This curiosity was shortlived as the proceedings converted into a mockery after watching Congress president Rahul Gandhi's speech.

Rahul Gandhi started his speech with sharp attacks on Modi government mentioning Ghapla Ghotala, discrepancies in " Rafael Fighter Deal", demonetization, Foreign Policy e.tc. e.tc.

Everyone was amused when Rahul Gandhi ending his speech broke the conventional form of Parliamentary Behavior and moved towards the PM to hug him. He also paid thanks to Modi, RSS and BJP for teach him lessons on Hinduism. He completed his speech and was caught winking at his colleague Jyotriditya Scindia after hugging Modi. Undoubtedly When Rahul started his speech against Modi Government there were some element reflecting in his words but everything went against him after the winking incident. Some News Channels even Linked it to malayali actress Priya Prakash's viral Winking.

Pro-Modi Journalists slammed it over TV debates. Even Loksabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan once again acted as BJP MP and remarked that Gandhi's gesture was unparliamentary. The entire day was lost in debating if winking and hugging PM was Right or Wrong.

It is somehow clear now that Congress scripted this drama primarily to gain numbers over TV debates and Social Media but their theatrics Failed in the end.

Here I want to mention that the Telugu Desham Party (TDP) had moved the No confidence motion against Modi government on Wednesday after center failed to give special status to Andhra Pradesh.

Congress and other opposition parties supported it citing their own reasons like Farmer distress and unemployment. TDP MP Satyadev Galla started the No Confidence motion debate in Loksabha highlighting the false promises of Center government with respect to Andhra Pradesh and at last failed to retain it as the key issue of debate. Ironically the No Confidence Motion debate became Modi vs Rahul ego fight inside parliament.

Actually, its a win-win situation for BJP and Congress but not for the TDP. Both Congress and BJP want to prepare for Battleground 2019 (General Elections).

Rahul Gandhi hit hard over Modi government and tried to gain more faith of voters with his hugplomacy tactics.

Similarly, on the other hand, BJP is confident of winning No Confidence vote as it has the numbers (Support of More than 300 NDA MP's).

After Rahul Gandhi Home Minister Rajnath Singh Participated in debate and Praised Modi Government for making India World's 6th Fastest growing economy. When Rajnath was putting his facts, rupee tumbled against dollar and reached its lowest level ever (69.12 Rupees vs 1 dollar).

MP's were defaming each other, as one more day went unproductive in Parliament. The debate over real issues was missing and India Lost hope once again.