“Manmohan Singh Was Not A Free Prime Minister” Raja’s Letter Says It All

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| January 5 , 2018 , 15:50 IST

On 2nd of January 2018, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh responded to a letter written by Former Telecom minister A Raja.  In this letter, Dr. Singh expressed long due support to Raja’s acquittal in 2G Spectrum case stating, 

“I am very happy that you stand vindicated in the 2G case. You and your family have suffered greatly in this process but all your friends are greatly relieved that truth has prevailed”.

Manmohan Singh’s response to Raja has been widely reported in the media, but this exchange of letters signals a different story altogether. To understand this story better, one should read A Raja’s letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh sent on 26th December 2017.

In his letter, Raja reminds Dr. Manmohan Singh of the larger conspiracy behind 2G case, the propaganda, the role of media in hyper accentuating the faulty theories of the CAG on spectrum allocations.

The last paragraph of Raja’s letter is quite interesting where he mentions how Manmohan Singh, the then PM suffered during UPA -2 days and how he was pressurized by media and other coalition colleagues to act against Raja.

“You will recall that I assured you several times that I had done nothing wrong and rather acted in the national interest and that I would prove this. I understand the compulsions that prevented you from openly supporting me. Today I stand Vindicated. I hope you will acknowledge that I remained loyal and faithful to you- unlike some other senior cabinet colleagues and ensured that you did not suffer personal embarrassment in the trial proceedings. Now that the truth about is 2G is out in the open, you too could come forward in my support, which you could not earlier” writes Raja. In his letter, Raja clearly mentions that he was loyal and faithful to Dr. Singh and ensured that the former PM did not suffer personal embarrassment during trial proceedings, unlike some senior cabinet colleagues.

A Raja’s letter is ‘self-explanatory’ and a testimony of the series of events that happened ‘in and around’ the power gallery during 2G days. Only Raja can reveal the names of those cabinet members who tried to corner him as well as Manmohan Singh during the media trials in 2G Spectrum.

Raja pointing out compulsion of Dr. Singh clearly means that the former PM himself was in a circle of suspicion, even in his own cabinet. Raja was arrested by CBI in February 2011 and spent 15 months in jail before getting bail on 15th May 2012. Throughout the trial, CBI maintained that Dr. Singh was misled by the then telecom minister Raja while disbursing 2G licenses to telecom operators.

In his statement to journalists on 17th February 2011, Dr Singh stated that “coalition compulsions” had forced him to make compromises. “Raja …was the choice of the DMK and I had no reason to feel that anything seriously wrong has been done. I did not feel that I had the authority to object to Raja’s entry although complaints were coming from some companies who were not benefited…I was not in a position to make up my mind” said Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh expressed support to A Raja after 10 long years, but it is crystal clear now, Manmohan Singh was acting like a ‘helpless’ prime minister, He not only failed to prevent entry of A Raja in UPA-2 but was not in a position to manage the pressure from members of his own cabinet putting 2G blame on him as Raja hinted in letter.

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An accomplished advocate Raja’s letter successfully indicates the powerlessness Dr. Manmohan Singh had despite being the Prime Minister of the country. Through his letter, Raja has re-illuminated the dark patches of the UPA-2 era. The then PM was not free to act on his own will, he was rather bound by the helplessness that his own colleagues and coalition partners had crafted.


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