Is Barack Obama Following Fake Accounts On Twitter?

News World India | 0
| September 28 , 2017 , 14:01 IST

Barack Obama is one of the best communicators one has seen in recent times among politicians. He has an immense fan following not just in his country but in other nations as well. People love his ideals, the issues he stands for and most importantly the kind of vision he carries.

Obama has, during his presidency used social media as an efficient tool to connect with people. He continues doing that even today, though the updates are not that frequent. His recent tweet against racism after Charlotsville has become most liked tweet ever in the history of Twitter. The tweet saw 1,712,105 Retweets and 4,605,211 likes.

Barack Obama has 95.3 million followers and he follows 628k accounts. Interestingly many of the accounts that Obama follows have just few tweets and few or no followers. Majority of them have their profiles locked (tweets set to private).

Let’s take the instance of @d00fuss an account followed by Obama:  @d00fuss has just two followers and has never posted a tweet. The profile doesn’t have a display pic and the profile is locked.

There is another account with the handle @3RO – This account has posted just one tweet in Arabic. It has 758 followers including Obama but follows none.

@drreynoso is another account that doesn’t have a DP, has locked the profile and has only 2 tweets and 2 followers including Obama.

We wonder why Obama would follow such accounts!