Spicejet Mumbai-Jabalpur Flight With 53 On Board Hits Animals On Runway, Major Tragedy Averted

| December 5 , 2015 , 14:51 IST
As many as 53 people including 49 passengers onboard SpiceJet Mumbai to Jabalpur flight had a close shave after a herd of wild animals came across the Bombardier Q400 aircraft just when it landed at the Jabalpur airport on Friday. Spicejet-Flight-1-7x4 The aircraft’s main and nose landing gear collapsed, however all passengers and crew are safe, the airline said tonight. “Spicejet Q400, VT-SUC, operating flight SG 2458, Mumbai to Jabalpur, hit wild animals on runway while landing. Aircraft left the runway to the left and main and nose landing gear collapsed. All 49 passengers and 4 crew members safe,” a SpiceJet spokesperson said. The Spicejet Q400 flight SG 2458 incident happened around 13.45 this afternoon. However, according to sources, it was a herd of 35 wild boars who all of a sudden came on the runway while it was taxiing. “When the pilot saw the herd of wild boars, he applied emergency break. In the process some boars also got killed,” they said. In a later statement, Spicejet said, “SpiceJet Q-400, VT-SUC, operating SpiceJet flight SG 2458, Mumbai to Jabalpur, upon landing hit a herd of wild boars that had strayed into the runway. The skilful and experienced hands of Captain Amartya Basu, who has more than 10,000 hours of flying experience, today helped to avert a major disaster by diverting the aircraft towards the left of the runway to moderate the impact of the event. Damage to the aircraft is still being assessed, however all the 49 passengers and 4 crew members are absolutely safe.”