Shah Rukh Khan's Son AbRam Plays Dress UP, Poses In Spider-Man Costume

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| March 30 , 2017 , 13:15 IST
Shah-rukh-khan-AbRam-110916 We all love super heroes and while growing up we wished so hard to have some super powers! It's the same with little AbRam Khan, he loves superheroes and his superstar dad makes the world know of it. Shah Rukh khan is a doting father. Time and again, through his interviews we all know he is very protective of his children and how much attentive as a parent he is. Since the birth of his third child, SRK has flooded the social media with cute AbRam's pictures and his recent tweet is just too cute to handle. The actor posted a picture of AbRam dressed in SpiderMan costume and surrounded by spiderMan Toys. [PIC]   Isn't the picture super adorable? The grown ups are obsessed with the new SpiderMan Movie trailer and little Khan is obsessed with his Spidey toys!