People Call Us 'Blackie, Kaalia': Foreign Student Complains To HM Rajnath Singh

| September 6 , 2015 , 11:24 IST
[caption id="attachment_98884" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Rajnath-Singh floods manipur gujarat Home Minister Rajnath Singh (File Photo: PTI)[/caption] Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh went Symbiosis International University, Pune to give a Teachers Day speech. The event took an unusual turn when a South Sudanese student complained to Home Minister on the racial discrimination faced by him in this nation. "When we go out, especially in some college campuses, people call us out as 'Aye Kaalia' or Blackie...Ask any foreign student and they will tell you about the discrimination they have faced," Simon Kuany, student said. Responding to the question posed by the student, Rajnath Singh stated that he was surprised to know about this and asked the fellow students to respect every human and treat every foreign citizen as 'Brother'. "From this platform, I want to appeal to all Indian students in Pune as well as in other parts of the country not to discriminate anyone and consider every one as brother...It is very unfortunate if any such incident takes place in our country," Home Minister quoted. Further adding to that, BJP leader said that the Home Ministry, which handles the visa issues, will resolve all problem of the foreign students. As the foreign students were facing problems while registering themselves with the Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRRO). Mr Singh said," I want to assure you that all your problems will be resolved within a month."