Modi And His 'Second Homes': Why PM Is A Serial Repeater

| September 11 , 2015 , 13:45 IST
Modi-Second Home PM Narendra Modi is considered a good and eloquent orator. One of his favorite tricks to connect to the people of he is addressing is to evoke his 'connections' with the state. A few days ago he addressed Haryana as his “second home after Gujarat”. However, it seems PM Modi has adopting too many states as his 'second home.' An image on imgur that's going viral on the Internet shows the number of times the Prime Minister has said that a particular state is his 'second home,' after Gujarat. Turns out, he has at least three 'second homes.' We also found our own proof PM Modi and his tales of 'second homes': Second Home No. 1 Haryana: PM Modi after inaugurating the Faridabad Metro. Modi1 Second Home No. 2 Maharashtra: PM Modi at Maha-Garjana rally in Mumbai. Modi2 Second Home No. 3  Himachal Pradesh: Modi in 2012, when he was not the prime minister. Modi3