Meet 14-Year-Old Sneha Who Will Dub For India’s First Animated Sanskrit Movie

| July 22 , 2015 , 15:03 IST
punyakoti The fourteen-year-old Sneha, who will dub for India’s first animated Sanskrit movie, is very much excited about the film and is extremely happy with the newly found popularity among her friends and around the world. Directed by her father Ravi Shankar V, ‘Punyakoti’ is a popular story about a cow and Sneha will lend her voice to the character of Putta, who is the naughty and curious son of a cowherd and is also the best friend of Punyakoti’s calf. Sneha is super thrilled to be a part of this movie and gives the whole credit to her father Ravi, for trusting in her and giving such a huge responsibility. She is learning Sanskrit from class 6, as she has a keen interest in learning new languages. Other than Sanskrit, Sneha is fluent in English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malyalam. The makers of ‘Punyakoti’ are crowd-funding the project. They started with a target of raising Rs.40 lakh for the film. However, with only 10 days left to meet their targets, they have so far managed to source Rs. 12.5 lakh only. Click here to contribute for ‘Punyakoti’