ISIS Directly Threatens Modi, Vows To Expand War To India

| December 3 , 2015 , 08:51 IST
Islamic State (ISIS) claims that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is "a right-wing Hindu nationalist who worships weapons and is preparing his people for a future war against Muslims". It also vowed to expand its fight to India, citing prophecies that refer to a global war that will precede Mahdi (redeemer), promising to free the world of evil and pave way for the day of judgement. Modi ISIS The threat is made in a new manifesto — Black Flags from the Islamic State — released online on jihadist platforms Tuesday. “The Islamic State would now expand beyond Iraq and Syria,” states the manifesto. “It would now expand into… India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan (and several other countries).” It also made a direct reference to Dadri lynching incident. It alleges that a "movement of Hindus ... who kill Muslims who eat beef" is growing in India. It said, "The people who fund these organisations want to grow a huge following of Islam-haters who can turn into potential recruits for future wars in their countries”. ALSO READ: Explained- Why The West Is Failing To Defeat ISIS This is the first time that the ISIS has directly talked about events in India, particularly the Dadri incident. The book also claims that the Paris attacks was based on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. A chapter says: “"In the centre of Paris, some Mujahideen holding AK-47s copied the (2008) Mumbai attacks' style of shooting through the window of a Cafe bar (where alcohol and food was served), then the people fell on the floor, so they threw a grenade into the building.” In the e-book, the global jihadi outfit seeks to warn all Muslims living in non-Muslim countries that they are "considered enemies by the majority non-Muslim population since the arrival of the Islamic State". IS goes on to advise Muslims to either emigrate to a Muslim country as soon as possible, take up jihad or settle for humiliation "like the Spanish inquisition, where Muslims were tortured to death when Christians took back al-Andalus". ALSO READ: Muslims From Southern States Are More Attracted To ISIS: Rijiju Home Ministry officials had earlier said that 23 youths have joined the ISIS of which six were reportedly killed. Quoting intelligence inputs, officials had said, it emerged that the dreaded terror outfit considered South Asian Muslims, including Indians, inferior to Arab fighters in the conflict zone of Iraq and Syria. Around 150 Indians are under surveillance for their alleged online links with ISIS, the officials had said. ALSO READ: 23 Indians Have Joined ISIS, 6 Killed: IB (With PTI Inputs)

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