Indian Muslims Can Lead The Way Amid The Rise Of ISIS: RSS

| July 25 , 2015 , 23:03 IST
Amid the rise of ISIS, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) organ 'Organiser' has said Indian Muslims can lead the way for global peace and prosperity as shown by the community in Maharashtra town by Eid celebrations for Vaishnavite pilgrims. [caption id="attachment_91647" align="aligncenter" width="700"]A sadhu performs worship as Muslims offer namaz on the occasion of Eid-ul Fitr. (Image: PTI) A sadhu performs worship as Muslims offer namaz on the occasion of Eid-ul Fitr. (Image: PTI)[/caption] The editorial in 'Organiser' said that despite exceptions of Memons and Dawoods among Indian Muslims, their cultural DNA has not changed even after "conversion" to Islam that respects all ways of worship. It said that against the backdrop of outrage against global jihad, a group of Muslims in Lonand in Satara District of Maharashtra have shown the "real character" of Indian Muslims by postponing the Eid celebrations and not carrying out animal slaughter out of respect for Vaishnavite pilgrims who were carrying out a yatra. ALSO READ: How The BJP Govt Is Preparing Offensive Against ISIS "Indian Muslims would explain that they have followed their 'dharma'. After conversion to Islam, the way of worship may have changed, but the cultural DNA, of respecting all ways of worship and believing that those ways lead to the same God, remained the same. Muslims of Lonand showing such gesture was not an aberration," it said. "It is the Indian way of respect and acceptance, and not just tolerance, of all ways of worship can pave the way for global peace and prosperity. We can all pray that 'May Lonand Muslims replace ISIS' as the inspiration for all and the spirit of dharma prevails over religion," the editorial said. ALSO READ: J&K: Tension Escalates In Rajouri Over Burning Of ISIS Flag With Quranic Verses The magazine further stated, "They completely shattered the fundamentalist version of Wahabi Islam propagated by the likes of Islamic State and Taliban." "There may be some exceptions likes of Menons & Dawoods but they are not the rules," it further said, adding that many common Indian Muslims face discrimination at the hands of Arabic Muslims when they go for Haj, as all Muslims from not only India but also from Pakistan and Bangladesh are regarded as 'Hindi Muslims'. The RSS publication said that "BurnISISFlagChallenge" is trending world over and reached Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, where till now displaying of Pakistani and ISIS flags and burning of Indian flag by "fringe miscreants" of Kashmir Valley used to be the news. ALSO READ: Recommending Razi To ISIS It said though "secular" rhetoric blames the cultural nationalists for creating communal tensions, the reality is barbarism of the Islamic State and its affiliates are drawing flak all over the world and the growing attraction among the educated Muslim youths from America to Australia for such uncivilised version of Islam is a matter of concern for them. ALSO READ: RSS Accuses Congress, Left Of Using IITs for “Anti-India, Anti-Hindu” Activities

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