'Congress Darshan' Questions Nehru's Decisions, Says Sonia's Father Was Fascist Soldier

| December 28 , 2015 , 09:53 IST
Nehru Sonia Congress' Mumbai wing has shocked party loyalists with an exhaustive write-up in its mouthpiece that criticises former PM Jawaharlal Nehru and makes some interesting claims about party president Sonia Gandhi. Nehru Vs Patel In the December issue of ‘Congress Darshan’ (Hindi edition), questions are raised on the decision of party icon and India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, for the state of affairs in Kashmir, China and Tibet. The article clearly states that Nehru should have listened to freedom fighter and former home minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s views on international affairs. In the past, the party has rarely commented on the historic tussle between the two. “Nehru (PM) was in charge of foreign affairs and kept Kashmir with him, citing that it was an international issue. But Patel, being deputy PM, would sometimes attend the cabinet meetings. Today’s problems wouldn’t have arisen had Patel’s foresight in the Kashmir issue been considered then,” writes the unidentified author in a tribute piece to mark Patel’s death anniversary on December 15. The essay includes more stunners, such as the claim that Nehru also messed up other international issues like China, Tibet and Nepal because he ignored Patel’s views. The author cited a letter that Patel wrote in 1950 to caution Nehru against China’s policy towards Tibet and where “Patel described China as unfaithful, and a future enemy of India…” “Had Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel been heard then (by Nehru), the problems of Kashmir, China, Tibet and Nepal wouldn’t have existed now. Patel opposed Nehru’s move of taking the Kashmir issue to the UNO,” stated the article, adding, “Nehru did not agree with Patel’s views on Nepal.” The writer also suggests that Nehru made yet another error regarding the liberation of Goa. Patel had suggested it be done in 1950, but because Nehru disagreed, the liberation movement took place a decade later. “Nehru was very upset when Patel suggested at a prolonged cabinet meeting in 1950 that the Indian armed forces would finish the task (of freeing Goans from the Portuguese) in just two hours. Goa wouldn’t have had to wait till 1961 for freedom had Patel’s suggestion been accepted then,” added the article. Congress Darshan on Sonia Gandhi  The special focus of the December issue current Congress President Sonia Gandhi. While the party desists from discussing Sonia’s foreign origin for obvious reasons, the articles describe her early life in great detail, including her ambition to become an airhostess, as well as an allegation that her father was a member of fascist forces that lost to the Russians in the World War. Another article describes how Sonia quickly rose to the position of party president. “Sonia Gandhi registered as a primary member of the Congress in 1997 and became the party’s president in 62 days. She also made an unsuccessful attempt to make a government,” reads the article. Nirupam Accepts Mistake, Promises Action Congress Darshan is edited by MRCC president Sanjay Nirupam, who was once also editor of the Shiv Sena’s Hindi mouthpiece ‘Dopahar Ka Saamana’. The monthly has four other senior MRCC members on its editorial board — Sandesh Kondvilkar, Bhushan Patil, Chitrasen Singh and Nizamuddin Raeen. Nirupam accepted the mistake and said that some words used in some articles are certainly objectionable. He said that action will be taken against people in editorial team who are responsible for this mistake.

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