Arvind Kejriwal Apologises After Outrage Over 'Thulla' Remark

| July 25 , 2015 , 22:37 IST
Hours after Delhi police commissioner B S Bassi threw down the gauntlet and challenged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for a debate, the latter has apologised for using slang 'thulla' against the cops, saying it was not intended for "honest" personnel of the force. [caption id="attachment_41487" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Image: PTI Image: PTI[/caption] Kejriwal said that he had used "thulla" word against those policemen who "harass" poor people for money, adding that strict action needs to be taken against such personnel. The Delhi CM had used "thulla" (slang for a cop) word during an interview. Angry over the remark, several policemen had registered complaints against Kejriwal for alleged defamation. ALSO READ: Bassi Throws Down Gauntlet, Challenges Kejriwal For Public Debate "I meant to say that policemen harass street vendors and poor people who supported us a lot and with their support, we won 67 seats. When people come to me and say cops harass them for money, it pains me. Action has to be taken against these police personnel. I used that word (thulla) against such policemen. "If our honest police officers' emotions got hurt by this word, I apologise to them for my remark (thulla)," Kejriwal told a tv channel in New Delhi. Bassi, in an interview to a news channel, had said that he was ready to have a debate to discuss all the doubts and faults surrounding functioning of the force. He also added that with his work experience and knowledge about Delhi Police and its functioning he can handle the issue. There has been ongoing controversy between Delhi government and Bassi which soared after the stabbing incident in West Delhi. Bassi, slamming governments ads questioning police’s performance, said that it was a move to keep party organisation under control. However, he denied that Arvind Kejriwal was trying to damage the image the image of Delhi Police. He also said that by condemning Delhi Police, Kejriwal is trying to seek control which earlier was done subtly through administrative efforts. He also claimed that Kejriwal’s desire to control police will affect the performance and trigger political interference. ALSO READ: Delhi Constable Files Defamation Case Against Kejriwal Over ‘Thulla’ Remark Meanwhile, Kejriwal also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging that he is not letting the Delhi government work properly. Asked if he would campaign for Nitish Kumar in Bihar during Assembly elections, Kejriwal said, "he would decide later in this regard." ALSO READ: Ahead Of His Indefinite Fast, Hazare To Meet Kejriwal On Sunday (With PTI Inputs)

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