Youth Must Contribute To Kashmir For Avoiding Situation Like Syria, Says Interlocutor

| October 28 , 2017 , 11:47 IST

Keeping the alarming rate of radicalisation in Kashmir, Government of India recently allotted a special Interlocutor for the state to keep the situation under check. Dineshwar Sharma upon assessing the matter at hand requested everybody to contribute to save Kashmir from suffering further.

Worried about the worsening situation of radicalisation of the youth told a leading news agency that "it is very important that everybody, all of us, contribute so that suffering of Kashmiris end" otherwise "the situation will be like Yemen, Syria and Libya".

Sharma who was the country's intelligence chief during the nineties has seen the Kashmir violence during its worst state and now while looking into the evolving situation feels that unless the government takes the matter seriously, it could "finish the Kashmir society itself."

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NDA government appointed Dineshwar as the special representative of centre for staying in touch the state's youth and political scenario. While the former intelligence chief has kept his main focus on reaching out to the Kashmiri youth, he didn't forget to blame Pakistan for playing a key role in alienating them.

"The youth and people of Kashmir have to realise what is good for them... I will make them realise that whether they should be working at the behest of some foreign power or they should be working for their own future," Dineshwar Sharma said.

Addressing the unemployment number in Kashmir, the government believes that boosting the level of employment among the state's youth can help the situation in improvement. Reportedly, every fourth Kashmiri youth is unemployed whereas the average unemployment rate in India is 13 percent.

The interlocutor already had a meeting with the Jammu and Kashmir's chief minister Mehbooba Mufti during her Delhi visit on Thursday and intends to visit the state soon with the main goal of reaching out to the youth.