Your Guide To Safe Driving During Heavy Rains

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| September 20 , 2017 , 15:28 IST

In the modern day and age, almost everybody drives a car in metropolitan cities, but when extreme rains hit, the rainwater doesn't distinguish between those driving cars or those walking by foot.

Although it's best not drive during heavy rains, sometimes driving cannot be avoided. If you are driving in a car, and there are heavy rains and water logging with the height of the water bracing the wheels of the car, what should you do?

Here are 5 important tips you should keep in mind to avoid harm to your car and to yourself:

  1. Keep the Engine Revving Higher

If you are forced to drive on a road which has visible water logging and your car is not an off-roader, be careful of your approach and rev the car engine higher than usual. Drive through the flooded areas slowly while keeping the car in the first gear. By revving the engine higher than usual, you can prevent the water from entering the exhaust and damaging the engine.

  1. Drive Slow

Even if you are driving in an area that has not been water logged, heavy rains would reduce visibility and decrease the traction between the wheels and the road considerably. Accordingly, drive slowly and go easy on the brakes and throttle so as to avoid risk of aquaplaning or losing control of the car which happens frequently in heavy rains. Also, keep a larger than usual distance between other vehicles as the braking distance increases on wet roads, and even more so on concrete roads.

  1. If Water Levels Reach The Door, Abandon The Car

If the water levels continue to rise and reach the level of the car doors, the best advice is to park your car in a corner and continue by foot. If water enters the car, it may short circuit the entire electrical system which in turn would hamper the security system of the car. The car may even become locked from the inside due to electronic failure. Therefore, it's best to park your car in a safe spot and return for the car when water levels have reduced.

  1. If You Get Trapped, Break The Glass

If by any chance there is some kind of electrical system failure and the doors won't open and windows are also rolled up, do not wait for the rains to recede. Exit the vehicle by breaking a window. While it is advised to keep a small hammer in the car for such purposes, if you do not have anything with you, pull out the head rest and use its sharp end to break the car window. Carefully clear the broken glass and exit the vehicle.

  1. Keep Calm

Panic and worry exponentially increase the dangers in any situation, the same is applicable for driving in the rain. While the situation may not be ideal, if you keep calm, driving in heavy rains can be manageable. If the situation worsens, contact the local police and civic officials for assistance.