Young Talented People Cannot Come Into Politics Without Influential Background: Varun Gandhi

| December 17 , 2017 , 14:12 IST

Grandson of India's first female Prime Minister and son of the influential political leader Sanjay Gandhi, Varun Gandhi believes that his surname and ancestral history has played the major role in his career as a two-time Lok Sabha member at such a young age.

While speaking at a seminar, the BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh's Sultanpur affirmed that people without an influential background and family find it difficult to leave a mark in politics.

Varun said, "Today, I have come to you and you all are listening to me. But the fact is if there was no Gandhi in my name, probably I would not have become a two-time MP at a young age and you would not have come here to listen to me."

Gandhi stated that many talented youngsters fail to join and shine in politics due to their humble background and not so influential fathers and godfathers.

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He added, "The fact is that a young person from a humble background, even if he has the talent and leadership qualities, cannot come into politics unless his father or godfather is someone worthy."

Bringing forth few saddening facts, Varun said that over 14 lakh farmers or commoners in the county were jailed for default payment of Rs. 25,000 during the past 15 years, whereas the rich people who owe crores of rupees to Indian banks are conducting lavish marriages of their daughters.

Gandhi claimed that only one percent of the country's population control 60 percent of the nation's wealth. As long as there is no uniform justice in this country, we will not be able to see the India that we are dreaming of. There is still a lot of inequality among people," Gandhi said.