Woman Arrested In Uttarakhand For Posing As A Man And Marrying Two Women For Dowry

| February 15 , 2018 , 16:40 IST

A woman from Bijnor named Sweety Sen was arrested by Uttarakhand police on Thursday in Nainital for posing as a man and marrying two women for dowry.

She also has allegedly tortured one of the women she married.

Nainital’s senior superintendent of police Janmejay Khanduri said Krishna Sen, alias Sweety Sen belongs to Bijnor's Dhampur in Uttar Pradesh was arrested by Haldwani Police on Wednesday.

While giving the details Khanduri said, "The lady used to pose as a man in terms of looks and enticed women on Facebook and later married them."

Police said Sen created an account on Facebook in the name of Krishna Sen in 2013 and posted pictures posing as a man. She then chatted with several women on social media and enticed them.

As per the police reports, she married to 2 women in past years.

First one of the two women whom she married, she met through Facebook in 2014 and told her that she was the son of a CLF bulb businessman from Aligarh, and both of them got married. Sen started beating her “wife” and demanding for dowry. She took Rs 8.5 lakh from the woman’s family to set up a factory.

Police further said she met the second woman from Kaladhungi town and married her in April 2016. The “second wife” was present during Sen’s first wedding as a guest. Sen rented a room in Tikoniya area of Haldwani and kept both of his “wives” there.

Khanduri said, "The girl from Kaladhungi came to know that Krishna was not a man, but she lured her to keep silent by promising her money. The girl from Kathgodam area lodged a report with the Haldwani Police alleging of dowry demands and threats after which the police made the arrest."

During the interrogation, Sen told police that she has been a tomboy since childhood and pretended to be a boy. She said she had cut her hair to look like a man and used to drive a motorcycle and smoke cigarettes.

Police said that after marriage, she did not let her "wives" look at her body or touch her and used to have a fake physical relationship using sex toys, police said.

Police got her medically examined that proved she was a woman. Cops are also searching for Sen’s family, who came to the homes of the women at the time of their engagement and wedding.

Uttarakhand police told News World India that initially, they had lodged a case under IPC section 498A for dowry. But now, as the whole matter has been disclosed she is now being charged with IPC 420  and several other sections that include cheating, criminal conspiracy, and forgery.

She has been kept in Haldwani Jail.