Filmmaker Accuses The Wire Journalist Vinod Dua Of Stalking, Sexually Harassing Her In 1989

| October 14 , 2018 , 12:52 IST

Amidst the ongoing #MeToo movement with women coming out and sharing their stories of experiences of sexual harassment, filmmaker Nishtha Jain in a Facebook post on Sunday accused 'The Wire' journalist Vinod Dua of stalking her and sexually abusing her in 1989.

"It was June 1989. I was a recent graduate from Jamia Mass Communication Centre," began Nishtha, describing how she had a job interview with "a famous TV personality who had had a very popular show called Janvani. He was starting a new gig. It was supposed to be a political satire and I was interested."

She wrote, "Before I could settle down he began telling a lewd sexual joke in that soft voice, barely opening his mouth. I don't remember the joke but it wasn't worth a laugh, just dirty. I felt hot in my face and I sat there most probably with an angry look."

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"He explained the job and asked me what my expectations were and I quoted an amount that most graduates were getting at the time - 5,000 rupees. He looked at me and said, 'Tumhari aukat kya hai?' I dont know what had hit me. I was stunned. What was this about? I had faced sexual harassment early in life but this sort of humiliation was a new experience," said Nishtha.

"Soon after, I got a job as a video editor in Newstrack. I don't know how this man learnt about it. He had friends in my office who would inform him when I would be working late. One night as I came down to the parking, he was there. He said, he wanted to talk to me and asked me to enter his car - a black SUV/Jeep, I don't remember the make as I'm not into automobiles," she wrote.

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"Assuming that he wanted to apologise for his behaviour, I entered the car but before I could even settle down he began slobbering all over my face. I managed to get out and get into my office car and leave. I spotted him again in the parking in the coming nights and would go right back and wait till someone was ready to leave along with me in the office car," Nishtha said. 

"After a few days he stopped stalking me. The man was Vinod Dua. When I read about his outrage against Akshay Kumar's sexist words to his daughter Malika Dua, I said to myself he's obviously forgotten that he was no less sexist, no less misogynist, no less creepy a sexual harasser, potential rapist," she wrote.

While the MeToo movement in India began with Bollywood, after actress Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of harassing her, the movement has spread to the field of journalism as well. The Wire's co-founder and founding editor Siddharth Bhatia and journalist Prashant Jha have also been accused of sexual harassment.