Will Work With Congress And Like Minded Parties To Defeat BJP : Sonia Gandhi

| February 8 , 2018 , 16:23 IST

Sonia Gandhi on Thursday addressed her party MP's at the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting, her first after demitting the office of the party President following which Rahul Gandhi was elected to the post.

Speaking at the meeting Sonia Gandhi blasted the Modi Government for the agrarian crisis, J&K situation, weakening relations with neighbouring nations, Rafale deal and the attacks on minorities and the dalits.  

Addressing the MP's Sonia Gandhi showed her resolve to fight the BJP and said, "As Chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party, I will work with the Congress President and other colleagues in discussions with like-minded, political parties to ensure that in the next election, the BJP is defeated and India is restored to a democratic, inclusive, secular, tolerant and economically progressive path."

She categorically told the Congress lawmakers that Rahul Gandhi is the new boss. She said "We have elected a new Congress President and on your behalf and on my own, I wish him all the very best. He is now my boss too—let there be no doubt about that – and I know that all of you will work with him with the same dedication, loyalty and enthusiasm as you did with me"

Describing the Gujrat and Rajasthan polls as a competitive victory Sonia said, "We performed very creditably under tough circumstances in Gujarat and the recent by-election results in Rajasthan were huge.  This shows that the winds of change are coming.  I take this opportunity to warmly congratulate the leaders and the thousands of workers who brought us these results in both the States. I am sure that very soon the election results in Karnataka too will underline the resurgence of the Congress."

Blasting the Central government on the situation of farmers, Sonia said, “tall claims are being made of so-called economic achievements, but the reality is quite different. Agriculture continues to be in deep distress and the desperation of farmers is sadly evident in the number of suicides.”

Attacking the Government over rise in unemployment, she said, “Unemployment is staring at our youth. New jobs are not only not being created, but existing jobs themselves are being lost.”  

“Employment cannot happen without new investments and the fact is that there has been a marked decline in the rate of investment over the past four years.” She further added

The former Congress chief slammed the 2018’s Budget and said, “The last budget is full of sleights of hand – of jumlas -- such as the oft-repeated but impossible to achieve promise to double farmer incomes in five years, and the promises of increased support prices without clarifying their basis.”

“As we look around us, we see a deeply troubled country and deeply troubled people.  Jammu and Kashmir continue to bleed.  We share the anguish of our brothers and sisters in that state. We must combat cross-border terrorism forcefully—on that there can be no compromise,” Soniya pitched the Jammu and Kashmir issue and, the cross-border terrorism.

Sonia Gandhi’s address to the parliamentarians hoped for a better Congress future and hence she concluded that “I know that all of you will work with Rahul with the same dedication, loyalty, and enthusiasm as you did with me,”

She concluded her speech by saying that she will work with the Congress President and other colleagues in discussions with like-minded, political parties to ensure that in the next election, the BJP is defeated