Will Waive Farm Loans Within 10 Days Of Forming Government: Rahul Gandhi In Mandsaur

| June 6 , 2018 , 16:37 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday came down heavily on the Shivraj Singh Government of Madhya Pradesh and the Narendra Modi Government at the Centre on the adverse condition for the framers in Madhya Pradesh.

Addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur, Gandhi said, “A year ago, Madhya Pradesh Government shot and killed farmers. Today, all over India, farmers are demanding their rights.”

“Whether it is Modi ji’s Government or Shivraj Ji’s Government, they have no place in their hearts for the farmers. Helping their rich businessmen friends is their sole priority. That is the truth,” Gandhi added.

Ahead of the rally, the Congress President met the families of the farmers who were killed in the police firing last year.

Assuring the farmers Gandhi announced that the Congress Government will waive farm loans within ten days of being formed.

“Modi ji gave 30,000 crore rupees to Nirav Bhai and Mehul Bhai. This money could have been used to waive the loan of MP farmers two times,” he said in a stinging attack on PM Modi.

“PM Modi waived off loan worth 1.5lakh crore rupees of just 15 businessmen, but I requested him to waive off farm loans, his answer was SILENCE,” Gandhi said.

He said the Karnataka and Punjab Governments had waived farm loans within ten days after he asked Captain Amarinder Singh and Siddaramaiah for the same.

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Rahul Gandhi also promised that those who fired on innocent farmers would be brought to justice within ten days of Congress Government formation.

“Narendra Modi Ji has betrayed the farmers. He had promised to get this Minimum support price. He has also betrayed the youth of the country to whom he had promised 15 lakh rupees and 2 crore jobs,” Gandhi said.