Who Killed Journalist Gauri Lankesh? Well, Karnataka Govt Has An Answer

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| October 3 , 2017 , 14:50 IST

The cold-blooded murder of senior journalist and social activist Gauri Lankesh at her residence in Bengaluru on September 5 led to a series of protests and demands for action against the perpetrators.

For weeks, the investigations continued without much success, but, now Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy has confirmed that the killers of Gauri Lankesh have been identified and evidence is being collected to prove their guilt. Reddy declined to elaborate further, saying that disclosing further information would jeopardize the investigation.

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The murder of 55-year-old Lankesh became politicised as public alleged that she was murdered for being a critic of right-wing ideology. The Congress-led Karnataka government came under fire for being unable to nab the culprits despite having the aid of CCTV footage from outside Lankesh's home.

The CCTV footage had revealed a man wearing a helmet conduct reconnaissance at Lankesh's resident twice on the day of the murder. The murder was also committed by a man wearing a helmet, which could possibly have been the same one.

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Due to similarities between Lankesh's murder and that of rationalist MM Kalburgi who was also shot dead at his residence in 2015, government officials have suggested that there may be links between the two.

However, while government officials state that they have identified the murderer of Lankesh, the murderer of MM Kalburgi, who was killed in the Dharwad region of Karnataka, is yet to be identified.