VP Venkaiah Naidu Calls For 'Automatic Suspension' And Shaming Of Unruly MPs

| December 12 , 2017 , 09:27 IST

In an attempt to boost the general perception of the Parliament as a place which delays proceedings, has unruly arguments and is male-dominated, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, ahead of the first Parliament session where he would be heading Rajya Sabha, called for several measures.

“This will be the first session since I have taken over. It is a good moment to reflect on this theme ahead of the upcoming parliament session,” Naidu said, giving a public lecture on "Importance of Legislatures" organized by PRS Legislative Research.

Naidu pitched for an 'automatic suspension' of members who rush to the Well of the House to disrupt proceedings, adding that the names of MPs who disrupt proceedings or break rules should be put in public domain.

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"I suggest that legislatures may display names of the members in public domain with an observation that they have violated the rules in disregard of the directions of the Chair, and thereby adversely impacting the functioning of the House,” said the Vice President.

Naidu that Parliament should have a minimum of 100 sittings in a year for better productivity.

“The number of sittings and the bills being passed are important indicators of the functioning of the Parliament. Some suggestions have been made for a minimum of 100 sittings in a year for both the houses. There is serious need to consider the proposal that Parliament should meet for at least 100 days a year. Political parties need to seriously consider the number of minimum days for which Parliament should meet” he said.

VP Naidu also said that there should be a better representation of women in the Parliament.

“Legislature must be more inclusive and have a fair representation of women. While women accounted for only 5 per cent in Lok Sabha in 1952, it could rise to only just over 11 per cent in the present Lok Sabha. This needs to be addressed by taking forward the women’s reservation Bill,” Naidu said.

The Winter Session of Parliament, after an extended delay due to Gujarat assembly elections, is set to begin on December 15 and will continue till January 5, 2018. The Opposition had slammed the government for the delay in the Winter Session, which generally begins in end of November.