VHP Chief Praveen Togadia’s Car Hit By Truck, Claims It Was Attempt To Kill Him

| March 7 , 2018 , 15:38 IST

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Chief Praveen Togadia’s car was hit by a truck on Wednesday while travelling from Surat to Vadodara. While Togadia and his supporters escaped unhurt, he claims it was an attempt to kill him and has questioned the Government.

Togadia wrote a lengthy Facebook post where he questioned the security provided to him. Despite being given Z+ security, Togadia says he was given just one police pilot vehicle.

“A few hours ago a truck was made to hit my vehicle. I was on way to Vadodara from Surat, a speeding truck directly hit my vehicle near Kamrej. He didn’t apply brakes despite police siren. With whose blessings did the driver get so much courage? My vehicle rotated and got stuck because of the divider but the truck still kept on hitting on our vehicle. I and the activists jumped from the other side else would not have been alive today,” he wrote on Facebook in Hindi.

“Despite Z+, I was not given full security. There was one pilot police vehicle in which I was sitting with two VHP activists, escort vehicle in the back, ambulance and side security were absent. Why was this security unavailable today, the day when the truck hit us? We had sent the details of the travel to the police on time then why was only one escort vehicle given?” he further wrote.

This is not the first instance where Praveen Togadia has claimed attempts at his life. Recently he went missing for a day and resurfaced the next day claiming that he went into hiding after getting information that a police team from Rajasthan had come to eliminate him via an encounter.

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Reacting to his statement, Ahmedabad Police had said that it was not possible for anyone to do the encounter of a person who has Z+ security.

On his Facebook page, Togadia countered this claim and said this is how people with Z+ security are ambushed and it is then claimed as an accident.

He alleged that he is being targeted for raising the issues of Hindus, Farmers, and unemployed youth and questioned the Government for his ‘ambush’.

“This is how you will stop me? The government shows regrets on the razing of Lenin’s statue, and then such ambush with me?”

In another Facebook post, Togadia has indirectly questioned PM Modi for his accident.