Uttarakhand High Court Bans Water Sports In The City

| June 22 , 2018 , 18:06 IST

The Uttarakhand High Court on Monday, issued an order directing the government to impose a ban on the adventure sports in the state citing safety and environmental issues.

The court observed that there is no law to regulate water sports Whitewater rafting and paragliding were considered illegal and were restricted.

The court stated, "The State Government cannot be oblivious to its duties to regulate and restrict the unauthorized activities. The white river rafting is a serious sport. Paragliding is equally dangerous if not regulated. The water sports in big lakes like Tehri Dam can prove fatal. These are required to be regulated.” 

"The State government is directed to prepare the transparent policy within a period of two weeks. Till the policy is framed, no white river rafting, paragliding and other water sports shall be permitted in the state of Uttarakhand," the order said.

Such a move will directly affect the people indulged in the tourism sector of Uttarakhand. White river rafting in Uttarakhand generates a revenue of 70-80 crores per year and moreover employs 10,000 people including guides, cooks, instructors and drivers. The court took the decision noticing the deaths that caused due to the capsizing of boats in the river every year.