Union Minister Refuses To Attend The Tipu Jayanti Celebration, Karnataka CM Calls Him 'National Hero'

| October 21 , 2017 , 14:37 IST

Union Minister of State for Skill Development, Anantkumar Hegde wrote a letter to Karnataka Chief Minister’s Secretariat and Uttara Kannada DC asking them to not include him on the list of invitees for Tipu Jayanti celebrations in the state.

The event which is supposed to take place on November 10 is already in controversies due to the relevance of Tipu Sultan in Indian history. The event is organised to mark the birth anniversary glorious ruler who was known for bringing many administrative innovations during his rule.

Karnataka government introduced the program in 2015 and Hegde has made it a point to oppose the celebration every year. Due to the protocol, all the important government officials are invited to any state-sponsored event but the Union minister has categorically informed the state government to keep him away from this "shameful event".

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Irked by his letter, Karnataka's Chief Minister, Siddaramiah criticised his views towards the "hero for the country" and preached Hegde to "first learn about Tipu Sultan" before making such incoherent statement.

The minister feels that Anantkumar should not have written such a letter and said, "It's wrong for a Union Minister to write a letter like this. As part of the protocol the district administration will invite dignitaries, he must come."

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Talking about adding political flavour to such event, he said, "Politics over Tipu is not good, at least they should learn about him first. Tipu is not just a hero for us but for the country, He fought against the British as well and won the battle of Srirangapatnam. He shouldn't have written the letter."

Tipu Sultan was the 18th-century ruler of the Mysore Kingdom who often engaged in the public quarrel which is one of the reasons for widespread protests and violence against the event in Karnataka.