Two Class 10 Students Set Each Other Ablaze In Telangana's Jagtiyal

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| October 1 , 2018 , 19:04 IST

In an alleged fight with each other, two class 10 students set each other ablaze on Sunday over an affair with the same girl in Telangana's Jagtiyal town, police confirmed on Monday.

The police said that the two students was 16 years old and set each other ablaze on Sunday night after consuming liquor.

The two students have been identified as K Mahender and Ravi Teja. Mahender died on the spot while Teja sustaining critical injuries had died in a hospital.

According to reports, family of one of the students has claimed that a third boy was also present at the spot.

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A family member of one of the students was quoted by the News Minute as saying, “We suspect that it is murder. He is not the kind that will pour petrol on himself or others. There was no such fights or brawls that he got into before.”

Mahender and Ravi were classmates at a missionary school and were allegedly in love with a same girl in the same school.

The family comment has added a new twist in the investigation of the matter which police has been trying to verify. The investigators have found beer bottles and mobile phones at the incident spot.

The investigators are also analysing mobile phone data of both the students and trying to ascertain that if it was a murder or suicide.