Two Aircraft Of The Surya Kiran Aerobatics Team Crash At The Yelahanka Airbase In Bengaluru, One Pilot Dies

| February 19 , 2019 , 13:51 IST

Two days ahead of Aero India Show, two Surya Kiran aircraft on Tuesday collided mid-air at Yelahanka Airbase in Bengaluru while preparing for the show in the state.

"One pilot has succumbed to injuries in the Surya Kiran jet crash, two others are safe," a police official said.

A civilian was also injured in the mishap, police said. "I'm aware of it (incident)," defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, but did not elaborate further when asked about the accident.

An eyewitness at the site, who works for an aviation website, tweeted that the aircraft was involved in a maneuver when they seem to have collided. He said the nose section of one of the aircraft seems to be sheared off.

The crash happened when two of the aircraft suffered a head-on collision during a rehearsal. Both pilots involved in the crash have reportedly ejected safely.

The crash comes just days after a Mirage 2000 aircraft of the IAF crashed in Bengaluru on February 1.

On February 14, the aerobatics team had shared a video of the practice showing a 'perfectly executed Hidden Split' formations that will be performed at the AeroIndia 2019.

The SKAT was raised in 1996 with Kiran MK–II aircraft. The Team for the first time had carried out a 9 aircraft formation display on 15 August 1998. The SKAT with nine-aircraft formation has performed numerous demonstrations worldwide and is one amongst the renowned public display aerobatic teams. The aerobatic team of IAF has been resurrected with Hawk MK-132 aircraft replacing the Kiran aircraft.