Triple Talaq Bill Delayed, To Be Tabled In Rajya Sabha Tomorrow

| January 2 , 2018 , 11:00 IST

Although the Triple Talaq Bill was scheduled to be presented in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said that after talks with the Congress and other parties, the bill would likely be presented in the Upper House on Wednesday.

The Triple Talaq Bill, criminalising the process of instant divorce amongst Muslims, may face more difficulty in getting passed in the Rajya Sabha as the BJP numbers in RS are comparatively less than in the Lok Sabha.

The BJP has issued a whip to ensure the attendance of all its MPs in both Houses on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The landmark 'Triple Talaq' was passed in the Lok Sabha on Thursday amid muted protests by the BJP majority in the House. Several parties, including the Congress, AIADMK, DMK, and the Left are in favour of sending the Triple Talaq bill to a panel of parliamentarians so as to include the concerns expressed in the Lok Sabha, which included the possible misuse of the bill, as well as the 3-year jail term for the convicted.

Meanwhile, the government would be making its pitch for the Triple Bill as a part of the Muslim Women Protection of Rights in Marriage Bill 2017 so as to restore the dignity of Muslim women and hopefully discourage objections in the Rajya Sabha.

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Since the BJP-led NDA holds less than a majority in the Rajya Sabha, where both the Congress and the BJP have 57 members, the decision on passing the bill would likely be influenced by the views of the remaining Rajya Sabha members.

However, if the other Opposition parties hold their ground, the government may not have any other choice but to let the Bill pass into a parliamentary panel, as a result of which the bill would not be passed in the Winter Session of Parliament which comes to an end on January 5.