To Prevent Another Doklam, India Boosts Army Presence At Tri-Junction Near Myanmar

| April 2 , 2018 , 08:51 IST

To prevent another standoff such as the one that took place at the Doklam plateau tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan, the Indian Army patrolling has been boosted at the tri-junction of India, China and Myanmar.

"After the Doklam standoff, we have increased our presence on India's side of the tri-junction as it is very important for us from the strategic dimension," a senior Army official said to PTI on Sunday.

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Top army officials speaking to PTI said that the tri-junction, which is located around 50 km from Walong, the easternmost town of India near the Tibet region, is extremely important for India to maintain its dominance in the surrounding areas.

The officials added that while the Chinese troops did not enter the tri-junction too frequently, they had developed road infrastructure near the area. Another reason for India to boost its military presence in the tri-junction was the deepening of military engagement between China and Myanmar.

"After the tri-junction in Doklam in the Sikkim sector, this is the most important tri-junction along the Sino-India border," the Army official said.

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The 73-day standoff between Chinese and Indian troops last June marked a straining of relations between the two countries. The standoff took place after India protested against China building a road in the contested tri-junction area of Doklam plateau between India, China and Bhutan.

Although the standoff between the Chinese and Indian troops ended diplomatically on August 28, both China and India have increased their military presence and infrastructure near Doklam.